War of words over public comments made by McGinty

War of words over public comments made by McGinty
CPD searching for suspect attempting to lure female
CPD searching for suspect attempting to lure female

In a war of words over comments made by Prosecutor Tim McGinty at a public forum last week, the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association released a statement today and the Prosecutor's Office responded.

Prosecutor McGinty told the crowd at a public forum that charges would be coming against officers involved in the 2012 police chase and shooting that led to the deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell.

The CPPA sent the following press release to area media:

As you know, Prosecutor McGinty, formed a task force to investigate the use of deadly force following the November 29th, 2012 police pursuit, comprised of the following members: the State Attorney General's Office, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office, the East Cleveland Police Department and the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office.

At the Conclusion of the investigation, this task force literally went over relevant sections of the Ohio Revised code and concluded that no crimes were committed.

In addition, Mayor Jackson publicly stated that Attorney General DeWine stated to him that he would not file any criminal charges against the officers if he were the County Prosecutor.

Now, after pressure from certain special interests, Prosecutor McGinty, evidently speaking for the Grand Jury, hints that charges will be filed.  This is totally contrary to what both he and Prosecutor Bell stated previously.  It is contrary to the conclusions of the task force members, including the State Attorney General.  The facts have not changed since the conclusion of the investigation; the only new factor is the special interest pressure.

The Prosecutor responded by releasing the following:

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and his task force conducted an extensive investigation, but purposefully came to no conclusion regarding potential criminal charges.  As he stated, that job belongs to this office and to the Grand Jury.

This office has been thoroughly reviewing and reconstructing the events of that night.  We have retained outside experts to assist that continuing effort.  We want a complete understanding that will serve the interests of justice and avoid unnecessary deaths in the future, either civilian or police.  We will follow the evidence wherever it leads.

This investigation will not be driven by any special interest groups - including the police union.

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