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Bus riders frustrated over snow piling up at stops

RTA bus stop in Cleveland RTA bus stop in Cleveland

Snow is a headache for all us on the road but what about riding the bus? We got an email from a bus rider with video that points out somebody isn't clearing the snow at bus stops. 

His video shows his frustration over snow piling up at bus stops.  He didn't give us his name or a exact location.

The bus rider in the video says, "I mean look at this somebody has to step up like 3 feet to try and get in the bus." 

We found other bus stops with snow limiting access.  Bus rider Mike Mosley tells us, "the little old ladies need help. I help the little old ladies."

Bus rider Bobby Melton sums it up this way, "you know you get off and you got to be like ewwww. Then when you get on the bus you got to ewwww get over it again."

We did find many bus stops with no issues.  Bus rider Angela Harris says, "right now it's ok. When it was really bad no. When it snows RTA needs to have somebody shovel." 

RTA tells 19 Action News it's every city's responsibility to make sure the bus stops are clear.  RTA sent out letters to remind all city officials to keep their bus stops clear of snow but this years snowfall has been heavy at their 8,000 bus stops.

 If you find a bus stop that has a snow issue, contact RTA.  They will try to fix the problem.

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