Thawed cat found frozen to ground survives

Thawed cat found frozen to ground survives
"Frosty" found frozen to the ground in Elyria
"Frosty" found frozen to the ground in Elyria

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Driving in rush hour you're thinking about getting to work on time. That's exactly what was on the mind of Dara Taylor.  Until she saw what she thought was a small chunk of ice on the road near 57 and route 113.

"I came up closer to it and it moved. It freaked me out," said Dara Taylor. "I went to scoop him up and it was kind of glued to the road pavement from the ice and stuff."

Then she heard the most heartbreaking sound, "you could hear him crying this forlorn cry of sorrow and it broke my heart."

She carried the frozen kitten to the Friendship Animal Protective League in Elyria, where they used a heating pad to warm him up before taking him to a vet. They tell 19 Action News they  have never seen a case like this before.

"He has a cough that's part of a kitty cold," said Shelly McDonald.

He also has an upper respiratory infection.

They have named the four-month old kitten "Frosty" and he is making definite improvements.

"We know he is on a good path because he is becoming more alert, he's purring and his body temperature is back to normal," added Shelly McDonald.

A normal looking cat with an extraordinary story.  A story that ends with Frosty in a warm and happy home.

Dara wishes she could take Frosty home, "if it wasn't from my allergies he would be at my house."

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