City looking to freshen up Cleveland Rocks slogan

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Rocks slogan works well.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Rocks slogan works well.

Being the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, it seems a natural fit for Cleveland's marketing slogan to be "Cleveland Rocks" right?

Groups, Positively Cleveland and the Downtown Alliance don't think that slogan sells. They don't believe it reflects a young hip attitude that will attract a younger crowd to the city. While the groups did not release the research that led them to this conclusion, 19 Action News asked the Singh family visiting Cleveland from Michigan what they thought about the current slogan.

Jess Singh said she has heard the slogan and that it does have a drawing power for tourism.

"I guess so, my kids wanted to see the hall of fame," Singh said.

Cleveland has used multiple slogans over the years to market the city. "The best location in the nation" was used for many years and is still used by some. Also, "New York's the big apple but Cleveland's a plum" was used in an attempt to build the city's brand.

Singh feels "Cleveland rocks" works well for the city and said it shouldn't be changed.

"No, I don't think so," Singh said. "I think it's good."

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