Snow plowing, not all good business for plowing companies

Snow plowing, not all good business for plowing companies

Westlake-based Suburban Landscaping has eight trucks on the road this winter serving both commercial and residential.

Their contracts are set up one of two ways, either a flat fee over a winter long contract or payment per snow event of at least two-to-three inches.

With all  the major snow this winter, the snow event fees have business booming but the season contracts --  not so much.

"The contract based stuff is really close with two months left in the season, it's going to be difficult to get those contracts at our budget," said Rich Malloy of Suburban Landscaping.

Schill Grounds Maintenance had a crew at Lennox Square condos in Fairview park and had the big trucks out at Crocker Park as well.

Like most companies Schill is close to hitting their budget on season contract clients, they'll likely lose money there, but also like most companies they prefer the per event payment plan. 80% of their business is per snow event so it's been a good year.

Costs for Suburban and Schill include equipment and employees and these big snow events are tough on their employees.

"It does get to them as the days get longer," added Rich Malloy.

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