Melting snow can mean big problems for homeowners

Melting snow can mean big problems for homeowners

When all this snow melts, some basements are going to flood.

Pat Kotek's cell phone is going to blow up this week because temps in Northeast Ohio will reach the 40's and its going to rain.

Snow will melt, basements will flood and Pat will show up at homes in his super cool truck.

Pat Kotek of Hjack's Plumbing and Heating says "make sure your sump pump is functioning and it can drain properly."

Back in January during a snow melt, Gary Swanson met Pat from Hijack's Plumbing because his basement in Mentor was one of the first victims of the great snow melt of 2014.

Gary Swanson says, "we pulled out all the carpeting cause it was all destroyed and we lost a few pieces of furniture that soaked up water."

Pat with Hijack's Plumbing and Heating has two tips to keep you dry during the second round of the great snow melt of 2014.  Pat Kotek adds,  I would do a visual inspection of your sump pump. Pull the cover off.  make sure it's cycling. Check the discharge pipe and make sure that is flowing and it's not covered with snow or ice.

Having an expert pay your basement a visit for an inspection should run you under $100.

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