Eastlake flooding concerns

Eastlake flooding concerns

EASTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - The river outside of Trader Jack's is frozen. Inside, they're not overly concerned about flooding as temperatures warm up this week.

"Because there's one day that's going to be 50. One day at 50 doesn't constitute melting the snow. It's going to take a few days at 50 to really warm up," said Melinda Drummond, customer.

In fact, it might take a string of days in the fifties for some of this stuff to go away. Eastlake does see its share of flooding but workers at Trader Jack's are confident this place will be fine.

"Usually, the worst that happens is it comes up a little bit on the bank a little bit. But its never come into the restaurant to my knowledge," Chris Walsh, Trader Jack's.

"Hopefully, it'll thaw at a good pace and then we'll get no blockage by the bridge and then we usually have a good flow going on," said Chris Walsh.

Officials in Eastlake are keeping a close watch on the river just in case but many residents are just going about their business right now.

"I think the restaurant's fine. I think all the people along here are fine too," said Melinda Drummond.

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