Rocky River residents preparing to evacuate

Residents brace for possible flood in Rocky River

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - Ed Abel's bag is packed.  His otherwise tranquil life interrupted by what could be major flooding.  Ablel of Rocky River told 19 Action News Reporter Denise Zarrella, "I got my bags packed.  I'm hoping it won't come up as high as they say it will."

One of Abel's friend's is even helping to move some of his things to higher places in his home.  They are hoping to salvage anything they can.

Abel's already lost his boat to a massive ice jam that took out docks and break walls.  The worry is a quick warm up combined with an ice jam could cause water to rush over the river banks.  The City of Rocky River sent out a letter telling everyone here to be ready to evacuate.

Pam Baron of Rocky River explains what may happen when the rain begins.  "We're probably going to have rain which the warm temperatures is going to melt that snow, melt that ice and force all those chunks of ice to try to get out to the mouth of Lake Erie, and that's what's going to cause the flooding."

Rocky River Tom Todia lost everything when this place flooded back in 1994.  He's been driving up and down the roads along the river.  Tom says, "it's just starting to show a little water on the top, but the ice has moved out from the shore,  maybe about an eighth of a mile out there is clear water out there, so that at least gives us a hope that something will be able to move out of here."

If not, it won't just be this cat perching on higher ground. 

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