Editorial: Recycling at City Hall

Editorial: Recycling at City Hall
Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson
Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson

(WOIO) - If you've been downtown lately, you probably noticed the new addition to the city streetscape:  forty recycling bins aimed at reducing waste.

The bins are more than just a boost to the environment, though they also serve as a metaphor for the questionable hiring and promotion practices at City Hall where the old guard is recycled like yesterday's newspaper. At a recent news conference, Mayor Jackson announced a shake-up in the police department.

He kicked Police Chief Michael McGrath upstairs to the safety director's office, replacing Marty Flask, who's now---surprise--- a city consultant. Someone likened the moves to rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.

Both McGrath and Flask have been under fire for a safety force that was out of control---marked by a deadly high-speed chase and a firefighter payroll scandal.

What's more, both men are "double-dippers"- collecting their pensions while still pulling in a $122,000 salary a year from the city. Some shake-up.  Sounds like the same old recycling program at City Hall.

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