Ice dams causing headaches across the area

Ice dams causing headaches across the area

Ice dams are causing headaches all around the area.  Ice dams are created when warming temps or heat lost through the roof melts the snow.

When the snow melt hits an unheated gutter, it freezes.  As water continues to flow the ice dam grows and eventually traps water on the roof.  Water that wants to get in your house.

19 Action News Reporter Brian Duffy spent the afternoon with crews from Franciscus Roofing.  These crews spent the morning hacking away at an ice dam.

Tom Schlund from Franciscus said, "If mother nature wants to flex her muscle there's nothing you or me or all the ice guard in the world can do about it."

Milder temperatures today were helping alleviate the problem, but a freeze occurs overnight, the problems could start all over again.

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