Insurance battle in North Canton

Insurance battle in North Canton

NORTH CANTON, OH (WOIO) - Residents last November voted to limit health care coverage for North Canton City Council members; however, that is being ignored by Council President Jon Snyder.

Former City Council Candidate Jamie McCleaster is one of more than 6000 people who voted to take family medical coverage away from part-time elected officials.

They could keep individual coverage if they had no other source. This took effect Dec. 1.

McCleaster says he has paperwork showing several members kept the coverage past the date.

"They're looking for loopholes and they found loopholes and they're using the loopholes to give themselves what they want and I think it's wrong," says McCleaster.

The loophole is a ruling by the law director that only council and not the electorate can change council's compensation.

Snyder says insurance is compensation and insists he is on firm legal ground.

Snyder is currently the only part-time elected official with health insurance paid for by North Canton. In the past several weeks, several council members have gotten their own coverage and some have repaid the city for coverage since Dec. 1.

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