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Two-year anniversary of Chardon school shooting marked with scholarship fundraiser

A scholarship fundraiser will mark the loss of Chardon student Danny Parmertor A scholarship fundraiser will mark the loss of Chardon student Danny Parmertor

February 27th will be the two-year anniversary of the Chardon School shooting that killed Russell King, Demetrius Hewlin, and Danny Parmertor.

19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos spoke with Danny's mother who has a message for Northeast Ohio.

"It's a parent's fear. You don't want your child to be forgotten, and you know your family never will. But it's just something you feel. You just want to go out there and you want to scream, 'Please this is my son. Don't forget Danny,'" explained Dina Parmertor.

Danny's school locker has been incased in the family's finished basement.

Inside the memorial his classmates wrote messages reminding her of their classmate and how much her son will be missed.

"It's really good. I mean this was his locker. This is where he went every day and put his books and things," said Dina.

To make sure Danny's memory lives on the family started a scholarship last year.

They awarded $40,000 to five students heading into the fields of computers and information technology (IT).

"That was his thing. I am very computer illiterate. I don't know any of that. You go to him and he would just fix anything."

Those first five scholarships went to classmates who would have graduated with Danny.

"I mean it's bitter sweet because I wish that would be him, you know...obviously," said Dina.

The family is about to raise more money for the next round of scholarships with a fundraiser on March 1, 2014.

"I don't like the word healed, or closure. It's just not something for me, that I can see. But I am just coping. And I will never forget anything," explained Dina.

There are only 40 tickets left for the March 1, 2014 fundraiser.

For details you can visit the families Facebook page.

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