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New figures: Your chances of beating a ticket from red light/speed cameras

We're getting answers to a question we keep hearing from local drivers: What are your chances of winning when you fight a ticket from one of those traffic cameras?

We filed a request to find out, do any drivers ever win?

After all, twice now an appeals court has struck down the city of Cleveland's process for fighting these tickets.

In Cleveland, you fight a ticket by going before hearing officers. We checked to see if they ever cut anyone a break?

The City Clerk of Courts office says last year 14% of tickets fought by drivers were thrown out . Another one in ten drivers had fines reduced and another one in ten drivers didn't show up for the appeal hearings.

The tickets cost $100 and more.

In regards to those hearings, twice now judges have ruled the city's ticket appeal system is unconstitutional; saying the appeals should be heard in city court.

Yet the hearings are still being held the same way since more court battles over this are pending.

Those numbers you saw are totals from last year but we also checked so far this year--almost exactly the same. So do any of you ever win? Well, yes, but now you know your chances.

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