Don't pity U.S. Women's hockey team

Cleveland (WOIO) - I feel for the U.S. Women's hockey team, I really do. Just as I feel for any men's team that blows a big lead in a crucial situation and loses a championship game. And the reaction to Thursday's devastating 3-2 overtime loss to Team Canada in the Gold Medal game has been interesting, because many fans quickly tweeted that the U.S. women choked, and that, to me, is a sign of respect.

To me, it would be disrespectful to sugarcoat it, to pass it off as a less-than-serious affair, as though these women aren't as accountable as their male counterparts. I take the women's team as seriously as I do the men's team. They're tremendous hockey players, and had a chance in that game to prove that they're the best women's hockey team in the world. Unfortunately, they're not the best. Team Canada has now won Gold in four straight Olympics, something that will haunt the Americans for four more years.

Team USA made a great run. They were the underdogs on Thursday, and they had the Canadians on the ropes. And, thanks to a couple of bad breaks, a clang off the post of an open net, and a clutch performance by the defending Olympic champs, they fell just short. I feel for 'em. But I don't pity them. That would be the ultimate insult to a group of women who've proven they're much more than that.

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