Loving message encourages dad in his fight against cancer

Loving message encourages dad in his fight against cancer

(WOIO) - Scott and Lisa Johnson cherish time together.  She's at the piano and he's at his favorite chair.

The couple met in college and they've been married for 24 years, but now their facing one of their toughest challenges-- cancer.

"We all just have to have faith that it will work out in the end," says Scott Johnson.

He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma last month.

Just one week before his brother died from lung cancer.

The unemployed father of three doesn't want pity, instead he asks for prayers.

His faith is what keeps him and his family strong.

"A lot of peace, a lot of encouragement, a lot of hope," says Johnson.

"It's pretty tough to see somebody you love going through this," says his wife.

Johnson is undergoing chemotherapy.

Just a few days ago he was at UH Siedman Cancer Center in his hospital room recovering when his wife and their three daughters wanted to do something to lift his spirits.

That "something" was a message in the snow that turned into a smile.

"We didn't realize how deep it was. It was up to our knees," says Lisa Johnson.

From five stories above in his hospital room Scott saw the words "love you dad."

"I'm like oh my gosh that's amazing. It brought a tear to my eye. I have to tell you and every doctor, nurse, and cleaning person who came to my room.  I said hey you have to look out the window and see what they did," says Johnson.

And what they did brought joy to other patients.

"A lot of love and a little creativity can encourage someone, and so I feel very blessed," says Johnson.

Scott Johnson will undergo six months of chemo and take part in a clinical study.

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