Clevelanders rally in support of Ukraine

Clevelanders rally in support of Ukraine

More than 100 people gathered on the steps of Cleveland City Hall Friday afternoon to show their support for people in Ukraine.

Chanting "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Hero's!" they were protesting the deadly violence in that country.

In the past six days more than 100 people have been killed in clashes with Ukrainian government forces.

Cleveland resident Oleg Hray has lived in Cleveland for the past 10 years and was in Ukraine a week ago.

"As we say our democracy, our independence is only on the paper," says Hray.

The fight against the current Ukrainian President stems from a move he made three months ago, taking the country away from an agreement with the European Union and instead making deals with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We are fighting for our democracy. We've been standing there for two months peacefully and then they started attacking us. Now we fighting them back because there's no other choice. They cannot hear us," says Cleveland resident Marta Kellehea.

Friday's gathering on the steps of city hall is not just to make the people of Cleveland more aware, but also to urge the United States government to get involved, if this second shot at a truce isn't upheld.

"The first only lasted one day. We are hopeful there will be some sort of resolution to prevent any further blood shed," says Kellehea.

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