Neighborhood feud leads to plow complaint

Neighborhood feud leads to plow complaint

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - The heavy snow from earlier this week is the center of a complaint from a Springfield Township man -- to his fire department.

He believes he was disrespected.

Area residents have buried in snow nearly all winter long, it is finally melting but for most of us not before we had to shovel ourselves out. But a man in Springfield Township is angry because he says township equipment was used to plow his neighbor's driveway, and he's got video to prove it.

An ambulance was called to David Clague's home because his brother had a stroke. He praises the first responders who got there quickly, shoveled a path for the gurney and got his brother to the hospital.

Because of the heavy snow, a pick-up truck with a snow plow led the way. But it's what happened next that has David upset. The plow returns and plows out his neighbor's driveway, dragging the snow onto his driveway.

His complaint brought Fire Chief Vic Wincik and trustee Debbie Davis out to listen and investigate.

"If he wasn't an experienced plow driver and felt the need to bring it over here why didn't he then back up on my driveway, drop his plow again and plow my driveway out and over," complained David Clague.

Chief Wincik lent a sympathetic ear to David who is disabled, but made one thing clear, "we don't do this. We don't plow people's driveways," said Chief Vic Wincik.

After listening to the complaint the chief promised to get to the bottom of it.  He says he'll gather more facts and have a resolution in a day or two.

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