Cleveland Sports fan gets creative and turns defeat into fun

Cleveland Sports fan gets creative and turns defeat into fun
Coloring book: Author, Scott O'Brien
Coloring book: Author, Scott O'Brien

Who can forget the moment "the drive" and "the fumble" were forever etched into Cleveland sports history?

And there are others like Art Model moving our beloved Browns to Baltimore.

Then there's that guy Lebron James, taking his talents to South Beach.

And how about "the shot" and the Indians game seven against the Marlins.

Yes, it all still stings.

"It got to the point for me that this is just too comical. It's just one thing after the other," says Scott O'Brien.

South Euclid native Scott O'Brien is a diehard Cleveland sports fan who calls California home.

He's now poking fun of the moments with a humorous educational coloring book that he hopes to share with his one-year-old daughter.

"It just kind of clicked that a coloring book would be kind of fun to teach kids about some of the history as well as have a good laugh and get over it," say O'Brien.

The book "Why Daddy is Sad on Sunday" depicts scenes of notable Cleveland sports failures and tells a little story about the iconic moments.

O'Brien was able to fund his project with the popular site Kickstarter.

"We're about eight or nine days into it and we've gotten almost $15,000 so far," says O'Brien.

O'Brien says that 500 copies have already been sold with the hope of more down the line and like most Cleveland fans he hopes the phrase 'there's always next year' will be something the of the past.

O'Brien says he plans on throwing in a few happy moments and one day hopes our teams do well enough to make a coloring book of the triumphs.

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