Mike Pettine moving forward in face of Harbaugh talk

The Jim Harbaugh rumors are nothing new for new Browns head coach Mike Pettine.  He has knows since day one he was not the Browns' number one choice, and today at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, he brushed off all the reports of the trade that never went down.

""I got a phone call saying that report was about to come out and I shot the messenger a little bit,'' Pettine said. "I asked, 'How does that affect my tenure as the head coach? Has that changed?' The obvious answer was 'no' and I think my next sentence, I either used the word flying followed by something, or referenced a part of a rat's body.''

Pettine addressed many different topics at the combine today, including Barkevious Mingo's weight and whether he thinks a quarterback is a priority in this year's draft.  But he did say all that he is worried about is, is coaching the Browns.

"It doesn't faze me,'' he said. "That's noise to me. That's a critical thing. A big part of being an NFL head coach is dealing with the noise, dealing with the distractions. Just add that one to list.''

He did admit he was surprised by the move to fire Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi, but said it is evidence that owner Jimmy Haslam wants to win.

He also said that he thinks Barkevious Mingo is an explosive athlete and that he needs to pack the pounds on in the weight room this off-season.

As for what motivates him going into his rookie season as a head coach, he says he has got that chip on his shoulder.

""I'm the proverbial guy from the mailroom. I don't have the pedigree like some other coaches have that were former players or big college name coaches. I feel like I've worked my way up and had a lot to overcome. I think that's helped motivate me. That's been a chip on my shoulder, whether it's real or perceived, I've always been, 'that guy was just a high school coach' or 'that guy was just getting Rex's coffee.' That's what's motivated me and to me that's a big part of why I'm here today.''

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