Ohio: Marijuana controversy continues

Ohio: Marijuana controversy continues

Weed, pot, Mary Jane, whatever you call it, the controversy over marijuana continues and now northeast Ohioans are weighing in on the issue.

"It's a gateway drug," says Brian Nealy.

According to a Quinnipiac University Poll of Ohio voters, 87% give a thumbs up for the use of medical marijuana.

Just 11% are against it.

The poll also suggest twice as many voters think alcohol is more dangerous than pot, and at least half the state's voters think both are harmful.

"I am looking at it strictly from a clinical point of view for someone who can really benefit for the rest of their lives because of medical marijuana," says a man who wanted to remain anonymous. "I did it for medical reasons because I had breast cancer and it's a great thing, but, young people don't understand that it will lead to other things."

Right now there are a couple medical marijuana proposals out there.

More than 385,000 valid signatures from Ohio voters are needed for each -- in order for the issue to go before voters in November.

"I would vote for it," says a Cleveland resident.

"Most people start out using marijuana and then when they're seeking a bigger high they go into other drugs," added Brian Nealy.

Additionally, according to the poll 51% of Ohio voters think it should be legal for adults to have a small amount of pot, for personal use.

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