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Teen gets probation for attack on woman at ATM

Victim in ATM robbery case Victim in ATM robbery case

A 17-year-old will not go to a juvenile lock-up for attacking and robbing a woman at an ATM.

It happened last September at West 150 Street and Puritas Avenue in Cleveland. A mother of two went to an ATM in broad daylight. Suddenly a stranger came up behind her, choked her, and stole her money.

Alert citizens chased the robber into a home nearby, and Cleveland Police quickly made an arrest.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say that the teen just plead guilty and we found a judge gave him probation. That has left the victim disgusted.

"I think that's 'BS' because there's so much crime going around, they think he's not gonna go out and do it again, when I know he will," she told 19 Action News. 

So how did this kid get probation? Cuyahoga County prosecutors say they recommended juvenile prison time. They say Judge Patrick Corrigan sentenced the teen to stay out of trouble, write a letter of apology to the victim, get a job, and do community service.

"It just promotes other people to go out and do the same thing. They know they're not gonna get anything out of it," the victim said. And she added, "I took self defense classes in college and I would tell other woman to do the same thing."

19 Action News has reached out to the juvenile court, so we can talk to the judge.

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