High gas bills and the upcoming cold

We're having one of the coldest winters in years, and a lot of people are keeping the heat higher just to stay warm, and that comes with a cost.

At the Brick Lofts Apartments at the historic West Tech High, the power inside is all electric. Lucas Moyett has been living here for six months and noticed a significant change in his bill.

"Our apartment sees somewhere around a $250 dollar bill every month. Compared to where we used to be, I've lived in apartments before, somewhere between $70 and $100 for a month." Moyett said.

To save money, he's not using the dryers in the building. He's doing his laundry elsewhere. And he had a plan for the winter.

"You budget for it. You try to develop strategies that are going to help lower the cost over time."

Dominion power says January was about 23 percent colder than normal, so there could be a comparable increase in upcoming bills.

People across our area are noticing a difference, like some of the fans at a basketball game in Elyria.

"I'd say they're slightly higher because of the cold temperatures.  So many zero-degree days and below zero-degree days.  I've noticed an increase in the bills a little bit." said Franco Gallo, the Principal at Keystone High School.

Companies like Dominion offer energy assistance programs for those who need help with their bill.

Lucas Moyett says he hasn't needed that.

"Help would be fun. Help would be fun. But we're making it on our own. Our God is good so we're doing well."

Columbia gas says there's been no spike in people seeking assistance compared to last year. Dominion says it's too early to tell.

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