Rape victim testifies, id's cop killer as her armed attacker

Quisi Bryan in court on Tuesday
Quisi Bryan in court on Tuesday
Rape victim on the stand
Rape victim on the stand

A sex assault victim bravely took the stand Tuesday morning to testify in the rape trial of death row inmate Quisi Bryan.

Bryan, a convicted cop killer, is defending himself in his fifth cold case sex assault trial. In January of 2007, Bryan pleaded guilty in connection with four sex assaults on women and in one case, posing as a cop.

The rape victim fought through a cold, and said repeatedly that she had put the rape in the past and that this was hard for her. She disliked digging it up.

The victim did identify Bryan as her attacker. She described the rape and his use of a knife to threaten to kill her.

This is a case that came to court because of DNA found in a previously untested rape kit. The victim said the kit marked the first time she ever heard from the police since making the initial report in 1994.

"When I called him (officer) and he told me what this is about I said, are you kidding me? You guys are just now doing something about this, 20 years later? I mean, my son...he just turned 18."

During his questioning of the victim, Bryan didn't seem to know what to ask. He attempted to soil the victim's reputation, but had no proof of a couple of things that he said, like an allegation of a theft conviction.

Bryan is already on death row for the murder of Cleveland Police Officer Wayne Leon in 2000, plus 47 years for other crimes.

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