Getting Colder AGAIN, Disney Workers Want More Money, Fired For Breastfeeding

TUESDAY: Snow early mainly east then a partly cloudy day. High: 22
TUESDAY NIGHT:  Wind chill down to -15. LOW: 8
WEDNESDAY: Chance of lake effect snow. Partly cloudy and cold. High: 16

Hundreds of Disney workers rallied for more money Monday night.
It came just two days after the entertainment and theme park giant announced it was raising ticket prices again.
Hundreds of Disney housekeepers, restaurant workers and ride operators chanted "yes" - fighting to get a new contract.
The union rally comes one week before negotiations with Disney for higher wages, more affordable benefits and improvements to pension plans.
"I love working for Disney, I love what I'm doing," said Isaie Marc. He said he loves being a cook at Disney's All-Star resort, but said he struggles to support his two children.
"Two thirds of our people we represent, they're not making enough money," Marc said. "They're making less than $10 an hour, so hopefully the company will look at that."
Disney claims many of the union workers who make fewer than $10 an hour only work part time. The company says despite complaints, many of the union workers have chosen to remain at Disney a decade or more.

When Hannah Boxley got her new job, she faced the same anxieties many moms face, not the least of which was, how do I continue to breast feed my child?
Hannah was just hired at Elgin Furniture, a long time fixture in the community. So she figured she'd have no problem pumping breast milk during her assigned breaks.  But two hours into her first day on the job, she was called into the office by a manager, who told her they couldn't accommodate her request to pump milk.  So, with $25 in cash, they sent Hannah packing and out the door and out of a job.  Just like that.
"I was shocked," says Hannah. "I started putting my coat on thinking, did this really happen?"
Under the Affordable Care Act, and the Fair Labor Standard Act, all employers must give all women employees reasonable accommodations to breast feed or pump milk. (Smaller companies may be exempt, but they must file a formal appeal.)
Civil Rights Attorney Avery Friedman says what Elgin did is both "morally and legally wrong."  The Local Chapter of NOW, the National Organization for Women called it "Appalling and Illegal.

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 Julia Tullos, WOIO Assignment Manager