Standoff leads to shots fired by police, suspect arrested

Cleveland Police arrested Gino Green, 33, in connection with a string of robberies on the west side after he attacked and robbed an 82-year old female earlier Tuesday afternoon.

Officers responded to the 4300 block of West 49th Street where Green was located.

As police knocked on the front door, Green ran out the side door, where officers were already positioned. He then ran back inside and fled to the basement.

Police ordered Green to surrender, but instead he grabbed a handgun, and officers ordered him to drop the weapon.

When he refused and turned towards police, officers opened fire.

Green was not injured, and he then surrendered. The victims from the robberies were able to identify Green as the suspect.

In addition, Green was just released from the city jail Tuesday after being arrested for attempting to break into cars.

The Cleveland Police Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team responded and is investigating the use of deadly force.

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