Heating businesses are working overtime

Heating businesses are working overtime

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - On a night when the temperature in Parma is dipping into the teens, Gary Pouszakowski came home to a dead furnace.

"When I got here it was cold and I was surprised," Pouszakowski said. "So I checked the furnace and it just wasn't running."

So he called Hogg Heating and Cooling and Jack Dinnin arrived quickly and got to work. Fortunately, it was a pretty fast fix.

"The igniter went out on the smart valve. Replaced the three wire ignitor and she's up and running," Dinnin said.

It was up and running about 30 minutes later, good news, because this is a night you're going to need your furnace.

"I didn't need a new furnace so I was happy," said Pouszakowski.

The guys at Hogg's have all been working eight to 12 hour days.

"We've been very busy. Daily.  20 calls a day and an install a day. A new furnace in a home," said Dinnin.

But winter's not over yet and Dinnin has a little advice.

"Change your filters as much as you can as you see they are dirty.  The more it runs, the more often it will get dirty.  You will have to change them."

Pouszakowski is now warm inside of his home.

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