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Jury deliberating fate in rape trial of convicted cop killer will continue Thursday morning

Quisi Bryan Quisi Bryan

The jury in the case of Quisi Bryan wrapped up Wednesday just before 6:00 p.m.

They deliberated for several hours after getting the case Wednesday morning.

The convicted cop killer offered a very short case, evidence against him is overwhelming. So the real question is why he is fighting this charge?

Bryan has it figured out. Simply put, playing lawyer in his latest rape case beats spending 23 hours a day in solitary confinement on death row. Rather than spending day after day alone in Lucasville, he is in the county jail population, albeit under special guard.

The costs to taxpayers are hard to calculate, but every time he comes to court the entire jail has to go on lockdown. Witnesses have been flown in to testify, experts hired to analyze DNA. The County Prosecutor's Office has had to spend funds to prosecute the case, and every time he's in court the room has extra deputies and detectives assigned. They could be out working other cases.

All of this for a case where a conviction would result in a sentence that would run concurrently with his death sentence. Bryan is already on death row for the murder of Cleveland Police Officer Wayne Leon in 2000, plus 47 years for other rape convictions.

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