Editorial: FCC Meddling

(WOIO) - If there's one thing we take seriously here at 19 Action News, it's our pledge to deliver the best news coverage possible. "Honest, Fair, Everywhere" is more than just a slogan. It defines who we are and underscores our commitment to the community.

So you can understand why we -- and stations across the country -- are livid over the latest buzz from the FCC. You may have heard that the commission launched a study of local TV newsrooms to examine how stories are selected and whether stations are biased in their coverage.

With respect to the FCC who has the power to pull the plug on our broadcast license, we simply have this to say: "Keep your nose out of our business."

A free press is the backbone of a democratic society. Meddling with that process by government bureaucrats is an assault on our ability to cover the news.

Last week, the FCC did some back peddling, putting its "big brother act" on hold, admitting it may have overstepped its bounds.

Let's hope it's the last we hear of this bogus and misguided plan by the FCC.

Write and let us know what you think. I'm Jim Stunek.

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