How cold weather is affecting apple and peach crops

How cold weather is affecting apple and peach crops
Sage's Apple Farm in Chardon, Ohio
Sage's Apple Farm in Chardon, Ohio

CHARDON, OH (WOIO) - Every season can be a challenge for a farmer.

"Farmer's live by faith everyday," said Bob Sage, a fruit grower at Sage's Apple Farm in Chardon.

Despite this historically cold winter, Sage is optimistic about his crops.

In fact, he's pleased the weather has remained frigid because drastic ups and downs in the temperature has caused damage to the fruit buds.

"We haven't had any warm spells to melt the snow, it's been cold and stayed cold, and as an apple farmer that's exactly what I pray for," said Sage.

Apples are resilient and can withstand the freezing temperatures in winter.

However, there is one crop Sage is worried about -- peaches.

Peaches typically grow better in warmer climates.

Sage expressed there is a chance that the weather may have caused significant damage to the peach crops.

Sage uses a technique to see what the spring outcome may be by looking at the inside of a few peach buds.

"I take a jack knife and cut the peach bud in half, if it's green and juicy we're good, if it's brown I know it's dead," said Sage.

Only spring will tell if the final outcome will be, but for now Sage won't let worry outgrow his faith.

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