Tapes released from long Cleveland Police chase

Radio tapes from a Cleveland Police chase that went deep into Lorain County

Cleveland City Hall has released the police radio tapes from a long chase that went deep into Lorain County and the tapes show how it went on that long.

The tapes also show what's changed and what hasn't since a massive police chase that turned deadly in 2012 with officers killing two people.

This case happened in November. Police on the west side spotted David Maisonet, a man wanted for hold-ups. And the chase went on for an hour at speeds as low as 10-15 miles per hour and only as high as 30-40 miles per hour.

In the 2012 case, police supervisors were punished for letting things get wild. Here, bosses frequently checked on the number of cars and speeds.

However, we also heard some of the same problems.  For this chase and the last big one, no Cleveland Police chopper up.  And, no Cleveland officers had stop sticks to puncture tires.  Some officers even asked over their radio about a 19 Action News chopper.

But how things have changed! Even the Chief called in for this one.  Ultimately,  other police agencies did flatten a tire with stop sticks.  And this chase crawled.

All that, but the suspect still got out of his car and ran.  He got caught the next day hiding in a barn, and he's now awaiting trial.

But the tapes show give us a snapshot--a different kind of Cleveland police chase.  Yet also some of the same frustrations for officers.

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