Restaurant's deliveries go up as the temps go down

Restaurant's deliveries go up as the temps go down

WILLOUGHBY, OH (WOIO) - It's another cold winter night, and a good night to stay inside. Dinner is the topic for most families, and not having to cook or go out to eat sounds appetizing. So they call for delivery.

For places like Freshly's in Willoughby, that's good news. Owner Jim Sarris is thrilled with the boost in business.

"We're known for our corned beef and our gyro. We really specialize in those," he said.

Fresh, hot food; and plenty of it at Freshly's. An even bigger bonus is, you don't have to leave your house to get it.

"We hand carve our gyros," Sarris said, when asked about his specials.

As winter drags on, a lot of customers are staying home and ordering in.

"With the extra cold for sure. People don't want to leave and you know they'll call anybody that delivers and especially places that got good food. So, yea, you know, it helps," said Sarris.

The coldest days and the days with the most snow seem to be the best for the delivery business.

"On the days that the snow is falling hard. No one's coming in," he said. "The phones are ringing for some deliveries."

Tonight is no exception with a steady stream of deliveries to nearby neighborhoods.

Customer Theresa Jackson and her family were among the orders tonight.

"Very cold yea. My son said let's order. I said O.K. let's," she said.

Freshly's has been making customers smile for 12 years.

"Their corned beef. Their Reuben's. Corned beef sandwiches. They're really thick and juicy. Yea.  They're great. They're great," Jackson said.

The delivery business was pretty good here tonight. More cold weather means more busy nights.

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