Another Cleveland Police administrator double dipping

Another Cleveland Police administrator double dipping

19 Action News has learned of another Cleveland Police administrator double-dipping.

A Cleveland city official says on Sunday, Deputy Chief Tim Hennessey retired as the Chief's Executive Officer.

The next day, he was rehired as an Assistant Director of Public Safety. His salary remains the same: $109,436.94. However, he'll now be able to collect a pension too.

Hennessey will work for the same man he'd been working with before, Michael McGrath. McGrath just moved from police chief to safety director. Years ago, McGrath retired and was then immediately rehired.

The city's safety force administration has become filled with officials double-dipping over the years. This includes former Safety Director Martin Flask, just promoted to a new position, current Safety Director McGrath, at least two assistant safety directors and two Cleveland Police Commanders.

Many taxpayers see this as an abuse of the system, and a way that blocks new talent from moving up through the ranks.

The city says Hennessey's duties will include overseeing the police side of the Department of Justice investigation into the department, overseeing the building of a new Third District Police Headquarters and "other requests" from Director McGrath.

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