Cleveland safety officials--growing list of double dippers

Cleveland safety officials--growing list of double dippers

We're uncovering more about so-called double dipping by top bosses of Cleveland safety forces.  We just found another one retired and rehired, at least the 8th to do so.

Deputy Cleveland Police Chief, Tim Hennessy is the latest.  He retired Sunday then was re-hired Monday to work at City Hall as an Assistant Safety Director.  The salary for his old job and his new one is $109,000.  And now he can also collect a pension.

He's the latest in a growing line of bosses to do that in upper management for the Cleveland Police or the Department of Public Safety.

The others include Safety Director Michael McGrath, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, Martin Flask, Ed Eckart and Barry Withers in the Safety Department.

Mary Bounds was a double dipping too, though the City says she left the job last year.  Then there are Police Commanders Gary Gingell and Patrick Stephens.

We tried to talk to Mayor Frank Jackson, although not everyone retired and got rehired on his watch.

But how can this go on?

The Mayor was not in the office Thursday afternoon, but a spokesperson says he makes decisions "case by case" based on the "operational needs of the city."  Some of the jobs were specially created.

One taxpayer told us, "Not a bad deal for them, but you wonder if it's the best use of the money when you look around."

Another said, simply, "Unfair."

Hennessy now works as the right hand man for Safety Director Michael McGrath.  He used to work as the right hand man for McGrath when McGrath was police chief.

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