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Warning: You may get this call from slick con men

A local man is speaking out tonight with a warning about slick con men posing as IRS agents.

They said they'd arrest a Cleveland man if he didn't pay them.  Then he said, "Hey wait a minute."

72 year old Satinder Puri lives on Cleveland's far west side.  

He says he got a series of threatening phone calls.  The caller said he was from the IRS and Puri owed $3544.

"You know you haven't done anything wrong, but the other side is very believable. They give you all the data," said Puri.

In one phone message, a caller said, "Before this matter goes to the Federal claims courthouse, and before you get arrested, please reach me as fast as possible."

But Puri noticed the caller used two names.  The caller actually only wanted the money wired.

Puri called the real police, and yes, he'd been getting scammed.

A Cleveland Police officer called back that number and the so-called IRS agent hung up on him. 19 Action News also called, and we got no answer.

The Cleveland Police financial crimes unit is now following up and investigating. 

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