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Editorial Response: Patty Gascoyne-Telischak

I am Patty Gascoyne-Telischak responding to Jim Stunek's FCC meddling editorial.

I agree with Mr. Stunek concerning the recent meddling attempt of the FCC. It seems that no God-given, constitutionally protected freedom and no American institution that values freedom may escape encroachment by federal agencies.

It encouraged me to hear Mr. Stunek's direct tone and clear message of opposition to the "big brother" control methods of the FCC. May such a clear voice confront regulatory agencies whenever our freedoms are overlooked.

President Kennedy said - no administration can succeed and no republic can survive without debate and criticism. The press is the only business in America specifically protected by the constitution - not primarily to entertain, but to inform. 

The FCC's attempt to meddle in newsrooms…controlling the message and the message and the messengers… resembles the propaganda machines of communism.  This is America. Butt out.

Thank you.

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