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Save the Chief campaign underway

T-shirt design by GV Art and Design. T-shirt design by GV Art and Design.

It's America's favorite past time, baseball, and the sport is scoring big with fans nationwide and right here in Cleveland. 

Along with the love for the game in Cleveland comes some controversy with the team's logo, Chief Wahoo. 

GV Art and Design is behind the 'Save the Chief' shirt. Greg Vlosich tells us they've been getting growing support to keep the logo. 

"We did the design as a part of Cleveland history," said Vlosich. 

Their website has more than 1,300 likes and at least 55,000 people have seen the shirt. 

"We looked at this as artists and designer, we weren't trying to be political. It's a logo that's been around in Cleveland since the 40's. It's something that we wanted to keep in Cleveland and we didn't see that big of a deal about it," Vlosich. 

Editors at the Plain Dealer are vocal about the logo saying, "A demeaning symbol is a demeaning symbol, regardless of degree." 

Councilman Zack Reed agrees, and tells us Native Americans believe it's offensive. He wants the Wahoo banners removed from Progressive Field. 

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