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New police chase rules in Cleveland

Deadly Cleveland Police Chase (November 29, 2012) Deadly Cleveland Police Chase (November 29, 2012)

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams announces revisions to the department's current vehicle pursuit policy Thursday afternoon during a live press conference.

CPD says this review began about 18 months ago and the pursuit policy has been revised on three other occasions.  Key revisions include clear definitions of responsibilities and restrictions for all officers involved in vehicle pursuits.

Chief Williams says there will be limits on when pursuit will be authorized with a strong emphasis on team work and the new policy has a strict prohibition on self dispatch.

The policy now only authorizes two zone cars to engage in pursuit

"Revisions in policy will be paired with training. We will train on policy; every officer on the Division," says Chief Williams.

The chief also stated that the community should know the Cleveland Police Department is committed to making sure they deliver the best possible service to the community.

Chief Williams assures that new policy is more clearly defined and that officers will make the new policy successful.

The Cleveland Police Department says the new policy was being developed before the deadly Nov. 2012 chase.

On November 29, 2012, police chased a car with two people from Cleveland to East Cleveland. Officers first saw the car speeding and heard what appeared to be a gunshot coming from it. The driver refused to stop, and officers reported seeing a weapon in the car, but no gun was ever found. The 28-minute chase ended with officers firing 137 shots into the car, killing the driver, Timothy Russell and the passenger, Malissa Williams.

Saturday morning, investigators plan to re-enact the deadly chase and shooting. The state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation will play out scenes where the chase ended.

13 Cleveland officers fired their guns in the chase. Dozens of officers have already faced punishment and they could still see criminal charges. The Prosecutor's Office is expected to rule on that soon.

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