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Romona's Kids: Green Inspiration Academy

Winning in America program in Warrensville Heights uses music to teach. Winning in America program in Warrensville Heights uses music to teach.

We've heard of rap music being used to reduce violence, but a local school is using it to teach kids everything from discipline to good citizenship.
They're Romona's Kids.
The Green Inspiration Academy in Warrensville Heights focuses on children learning in a positive environment. "Winning in America" program teaches children academics, socio-emotional learning, and confidence through upbeat catchy rap songs.
"When you sing math and reading stuff, you learn it better than just reading it out of a book," said student Sirus Moten.
"It encourages me because it's other people singing around me," said student Samarah Crawford.
"We learn to respect others, and team, family, and unity," said student Jaylin Jones.
The program also teaches children to set long term goals.
"Do well in school, graduate from high school, work at going to college or some other form of higher education, or getting some other great skill set so that you can participate in a great way in the 21st century global economy," said Akil Marshall, founder of the Winning in America program. 
"We've shown rates of growth that are just off the charts, not just my class but throughout the entire school, additionally I think we have less problems with issues like bullying, and self esteem issues that sometimes children come to school with, because we do promote those initiatives with them," said teacher Michelle Pinozzi. 
"I like this program because it teaches how to be green. And what have you learned about being green? To reduce, reuse and recycle," said student Ariel Sharpley.
"And if you don't recycle then you might pollute the earth," said student Charles Townes.
The children say they use the lessons to encourage others, from their families to classroom visitors.
"I practice with my brother and my mom and my dad," said Sirus.
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