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Activists say Cleveland Police police changes are a little late

November 2012 deadly police chase in Cleveland November 2012 deadly police chase in Cleveland

Cleveland has a new police chief and now the city has a new pursuit policy.

But many believe the policy changes are too little and too late.

The changes come 15 months after 60 police cruisers got involved in a deadly chase.

Neighborhood activists still want the officers involved to be punished.

"I don't care how many people they indict. If they are not convicted and sent to prison, we are all still in danger," said one Clevelander. 

Hours after Cleveland Police announced changes in pursuit policies, activists demonstrated in East Cleveland near the site where the chase ended.

Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams died after 13 police officers fired 137 shots.

"We cannot put up with this. We cannot let this go," said another Clevelander. 

"I think this police is better that the previous police and that's our purpose to make it better," said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Chief Williams addressed the changes saying under the new policy, officers are not allowed to drive after a fleeing suspect unless the suspect is accused of committing a violent felony or driving intoxicated.

In addition...

"There is now a designated Control Supervisor for all vehicle pursuits that occur within the city of Cleveland and that supervisor has the ultimate authority to manage and control the pursuits," Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said. 

More than 70 officers were disciplined for not following procedure during the November 2012 chase.

On Saturday, investigators plan to re-enact that deadly chase and shooting.

The area in East Cleveland where it ended will be blocked off as the state continues its investigation.

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