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Sisters emotional dance wins award and countless hearts

Sisters Gracie and Quincy Latkovski Sisters Gracie and Quincy Latkovski
Gracie Gracie
Quincy Quincy
Dominic and Christin Latkovski Dominic and Christin Latkovski

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Sweden, Mexico, Brazil and Australia are just a few of the countries where news outlets have picked up the inspirational story of two young sisters who are touching hearts with their dance, and the girls just happen to be from Shepherdsville.

Sisters Gracie and Quincy Latkovski had no idea what kind of attention they were in store for after performing their dance two weeks ago, but virtually overnight they became an internet sensation.

Inside Louisville's Memorial Auditorium Friday night, young dancers got ready to take the stage for the Kids Artistic Revue dance competition.

Sisters Gracie, 9, and Quincy, 11, warmed up in the wings. Once on stage, the talented duo quickly grabbed the attention of the crowd as they bring the audience their take on Mulan's Reflection.

Gracie has cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis. While she needs a wheelchair to perform her dance, she explained with the help of her sister Quincy she doesn't see any disabilities when she looks in the mirror.

Gracie said the songs lyrics "who is that girl I see staring straight back at me? When will my reflection show who I am inside?" explain how she feels.

"It just tells the perfect story of Gracie's little heart and that she can do anything she wants to do," explained the girls mom Christin Latkovski. The performance stole the show two weeks ago at JAMfest in Cincinnati. Quincy remembered, "They all were clapping for us and it just felt good because we know we did a really good job."

The dance that begins with both girls in a wheelchair not only won its entry in the JAMfest Dance Super Nationals, it won countless hearts and fans. The video has more than 78,000 YouTube hits and the family is getting messages from all over the world.

The girls father, Dominic Latkovski, said of one man's message, "He said he's a 240 pound guy with tattoos and he started crying just watching the video, so that's when we know what they (the girls) are doing is really hitting home."

National TV came calling too. Gracie said her teacher is a big fan of Headline News, "She asked me when I was on CNN." The news network interviewed the family via Skype this week.

It's easy to see where the girls get their creative talent. Dominic is behind the extremely popular Zooperstars group that performs across the country. Their mother, Christin, was a National Champion University of Louisville cheerleader.

But it's Quincy who takes the lead when it comes to helping Gracie perfect her moves at home.

Gracie said of her big sister, "She teaches me stuff downstairs in our basement." Quincy said her little sis inspires her and she is Gracie's biggest fan, "I like how she always makes us smile and she's happy all the time," Quincy said.

Christin Latkovski said of her girls, "Dad and I are so proud of the girls and it's not about bringing home a first place medal, it's about the love that the two girls show together."

The girls said their dance instructor Jennifer Wood helped them put everything together.

By the way, Parents Magazine also announced the girls win on it's website, the story has gotten more than 114,000 likes so far.

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