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There's no business like "snow" business

Food at Gourme's in Strongsville Food at Gourme's in Strongsville

In 22 years it's never looked this bad at Gourme's in Strongsville.

"It's the worst I've ever had in this business," says restaurant owner Azar Khouri.

Under normal circumstances the winter months are slower but the winter of 2014 has been devastating for him.

"We cater a lot to older people, to the senior citizens families. We see it down about 7-to-10 percent. 12 percent this year because of the weather," added Khouri.

The bitter arctic blasts on northeast Ohio has been a blow to his business and has forced him to make some cuts, without laying off his employees.

"I cannot cut them off," says Khouri. "Just maybe a few hours here and there. They depend on me."

Kayla Root is a waitress at Gourme and at another local pub.

"You can't get tips without customers," says Kayla Root.

It's been a big struggle for Azar. And if it wasn't for his regular customers and a good weekend crowd, he would be hit harder. But even he doesn't expect them to come out in a winter storm that is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.

"Nothing you can do. You just pray for people to come out hopefully they think one more day is closer to spring," Khouri said.

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