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Appeal Underway: Dimora claims gifts and favors from contractors were legal

Jimmy Dimora Jimmy Dimora

Lawyers for Jimmy Dimora and Michael Gabor are appealing their cases on Wednesday.

Dimora's lawyer argued in federal court in Cincinnati that any gifts or discounts he got were listed on his ethics report and therefore legal.  It is a report Judge Sarah Lioi refused to allow at his trial. 

As 19 Action News reported soon after his indictment the filing is just a list of names.  There is no tally of what donors gave Dimora or the value of the gifts.  Interestingly, of the 55 names on the 2007 list 13 were later indicted. 

At the time, Dimora told Reporter Paul Orlousky, "They're trying to charge me with a felony. I comply with Ohio law. I comply with all reporting records.  They're trying to hold me to a higher standard of what we have to do in Ohio but report the facts once in a while."

Dimora's claim is that if the jury had seen his list, it would have exonerated him. 

Michael Gabor's claim is different.  His conviction is based on his association with Dimora as what's been described as his gopher.  His attorney says the association interfered with his getting a fair trial.

"I would have liked to have had my own trial.  You know Jimmy Dimora is a large man, he casts a large shadow and we couldn't get outta the way of his shadow."

Only oral arguments were made Wednesday.  A three Judge panel will issue it's decision, something that is likely months away.

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