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Sheila Wright's Editorial

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I'm Sheila Wright from the Cleveland NAACP.

We are deeply concerned about the recent changes to our election laws. SB 238 eliminates "Golden Week" which has been crucial and effective in increasing voter turnout.

"Golden Week" ultimately removes the hurdles of registering people and getting them to the polls. 

Not only does the bill eliminate "Golden Week", it will likely cause absentee ballots to be discarded due to technical errors. Furthermore, we may see longer lines at the polls due to these legislative changes. Unfortunately, the people most affected by the changes will be those in urban populations.

For these reasons and more, the Cleveland NAACP supports adding a voters bill of rights amendment to the Ohio Constitution so that voter identification and early voting hours are written directly into the constitution. This will protect election laws from legislative changes.

Voting must be a fair process for everyone and the Cleveland NAACP will work tirelessly to make that happen. 


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