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Virginia inmate given medical clemency dies, family struggling with funeral costs


The Virginia inmate given medical clemency to die 'outside' of prison, passed away Sunday morning at his brother's home in Glen Allen.

Close friends have since made efforts to help his family give him a decent funeral.

35-year-old, Jason Scott Davis died of lung cancer just three days after he was paroled to hospice care. Jason arrived home by ambulance from prison, last Thursday.

Holding a funeral was the family's next priority following his death, but they don't have the money.

Jason's funeral is Wednesday, 10 am at Bennett funeral home, Cutshaw avenue.

Katie Wilson is Jason's sister-in-law. She was at Jason's bedside along with her husband, Jason's oldest brother, and his father when he passed.

She cried as she shared Jason's last words early Sunday morning.

"He said 'alright Daddy lets do this,'" she told us. "He said 'I'm ready.' He told his Dad he was ready. ... Yea. And Charlies ...We have a little bit more time bird and he said no. I gotta go..."

Jason was serving a 2-year sentence for assault on a family member. It was his third offense. He would have finished serving his sentence in November.

His family says he got his dying wish. He was out of prison. He was home and he had no more pain.

"There was no pain," Katie said. "It was very peaceful. We are so grateful to the governor we were allowed that time with him."

Christina Carter and Chrystal McIver are working hard to help the family with funeral expenses. They know people have expressed strong opinions about Jason's medical clemency. They have decided to appeal to human compassion.

"When you get a bill that says you owe this funeral home $6,400...this family can't do it alone."

There are no frills, the family even got a dented casket to cut costs.

If you'd like to make a donation to help the Davis family, you can stop by any Wells Fargo bank branch: Ask for the Davis Family Memorial Fund, and be sure to say Richmond, Virginia. You can make a donation in liew of flowers.

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