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17-year-old girl victim of attack on RTA Rapid

The victim speaks out to our Ed Gallek. The victim speaks out to our Ed Gallek.

A 17-year-old suburban girl is speaking out after surviving a horrific ride home on a RTA rapid train on St. Patrick's Day.

The girl had been to the parade downtown, and she was traveling home westbound. Suddenly, a day of fun turned terrifying when a teen grabbed for her phone. 

"I was just screaming. I was just screaming, Somebody help me," says the girl. 

He jumped at me and grabbed my phone, and natural reaction, I grabbed it back. And when I jerked back, he grabbed me around the neck and threw me to the floor," she adds.

Days ago, we met a woman attacked by a mob of thugs. They followed her off a bus and attacked her.

This kind of thing happening time and again now to RTA riders.

The victim speaking out now gives credit to RTA Police since one teen has been charged in her attack.

But she wants to see more police on trains especially on busy days like St. Patrick's Day. 

She adds, "I know its gonna take me awhile to get to feeling safe riding the rapid again."

We also spoke to a man caught in that big fight in that incident, too. He had to have surgery on his face.

All this still under investigation. As for that one teen charged, he had just been hit with charges in a case from Bedford weeks ago for disorderly conduct and more.

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