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Kevin Kelly's Editorial

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Hi, I'm Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley and I'm urging you to the learn the facts about Issue 7, the so-called "Sin Tax."

Nearly 25 years ago, this community first voted to place a small tax of about a penny per drink and 4-and-a-half cents on a pack of cigarettes to build major league facilities right in our downtown. That good decision has allowed us to bring the Cavs to Cuyahoga County from Summit County; to keep the Indians in Cleveland; and to bring the Browns back to Cleveland.

Further, our decision triggered a multi-billion dollar revitalization of downtown Cleveland that continues today. It generated billions in economic activity, hundreds of millions in local and state tax revenues, and thousands of jobs. Remember that the public and not the teams own these stadiums. And we have an obligation to maintain them.  

Issue 7 will protect our investment by extending and not increasing, the tax to pay for major capital repairs that is our legal obligation. None of the money goes to team owners. Without this extension, we will have to pay for these repairs by taking funds from other critical services. Issue 7 avoids this risk without raising taxes.

Please, join me in voting yes on Issue 7 to keep Cleveland strong. Thank you.  

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