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Stretching your dollar at the grocery store

Savings at the grocery store anyone can cash in on. Savings at the grocery store anyone can cash in on.
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Getting a bargain and eating healthy sounds too good to be true. Well, it isn't. Just ask Joe Daugirdas. He saves hundreds of dollars a month on groceries and says anyone can with a little coaching. First try going to a local fruit market.

"Everything's in season so they'll be discounting those items pretty heavily. You can really find some good deals haggling with the vendors there," Daugirdas advises.

Or grocery shoppers can go to stores that keep their produce in the back. Usually that produce is less expensive than that in stores that have the produce in the front of the store. Buy frozen vegetables because they will last longer and many times the price is a better deal than fresh.

Instead of grabbing the prepackaged shredded cheese buy a block of the it and shred it yourself.

"You're looking of at least a 10%, 20%, or 30% savings sometimes just by buying the block of cheese," Daugirdas offers.

A pre-made rotisserie chicken is a good deal. They usually cost about 4 bucks. Shoppers can also try more vegetarian meals like lasagna and vegetarian chili. They cost much less.

Whatever you do Daugirdas says try to stay away from pre-cut food like fruits and vegetables. It may save you time but not cash.

Also note, buying in bulk isn't always best. Overshopping could cost money in the long run if items end up thrown out after going bad.

Again, Daugirdas, "Pay attention to what they sell on the cheap and how they sell it on the cheap, not so much just buying a bargain just for a bargain."

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