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Ronald Carson's medical mystery has doctors baffled

Ronald and Lynette Carson Ronald and Lynette Carson

Earlier this week we told you about one man's medical mystery. Ronald Carson woke up one morning -- suddenly paralyzed.

And on his search to find answers we found he's not alone.

For the past 16 months, Ronald Carson has been confined to a wheelchair after suddenly losing feeling in his legs and feet. That was back in November of 2012.

"I started to get a little feeling back but as far as my legs and feet go, I don't feel anything there," said Ronald Carson.

Ron and his wife Lynette said that an MRI revealed that his spinal cord is inflamed.

But doctors at several hospitals in the Cleveland area are still trying to figure out the mystery illness.

"They don't have a diagnosis. We've ruled out this. We've ruled out that..." said Lynette Carson.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the places where doctors have examined Carson.

In a statement the Clinic says:

In medicine, many conditions can be diagnosed quickly and the course or care is clear. However, some conditions are complex and require extensive testing to properly diagnose and determine the best treatment approach. We are committed to finding answers and will continue to work closely with the family.

Since we first aired this story on Monday, I've received several calls from other people saying they've had symptoms similar to Ronald Carson.

Some have recovered but others are still searching for answers.

The Carson's now have more than $100,000 in medical bills piling up and still no answers.

If you would like to help Ronald Carson with his medical bills you can do so at any Huntington Bank. It is called the Ronald Carson Fund.  

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