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2nd district residents support Capt. Sulzer at fundraiser breakfast

It's a packed house for a fundraiser pancake breakfast at St. Roccos in Cleveland.  If you look closely, you see button and t-shirts that say, "Bring him back!"

And, there's someone here everyone came out to catch a peak of in the kitchen.  Former Second District Commander Keith Sulzer is that guy. 

"I'm a city councilman, and I wish I were this popular," says Cleveland City Councilman Kevin Kelly.

For close to a decade, the now Captain Sulzer has served as Second District Commander,  but something happened this week that stripped him of that title. 

He has said he turned in his resignation as Commander, but his supporters say he was forced out.

"One word: politics," says Bob Shores from the Second District Charitable Activities Committee.

Sulzer will now work within the Community Policing Unit as Captain.  Those that live in the Second District here are stunned and worried - even the kids.

"Before he came as commander, this neighborhood was not as good with crime and everything, but he got that real low.  So, I feel safe going outside, but now it's kind of iffy," says Destiny Rice, who lives in the Second District.

The now Captain Sulzer said he couldn't comment for our story.

"He would say that he loves the residents, and Second District Community, and he loves building bridges because that's what he does.  That's what he's best at," adds Shores.

That's why people in the community say they're not going to just sit back and accept the department's decision.

"We are the people and we are not going to give up.  We are going to fight for the man we love which is Keith Sulzer," says Shores.

The man that's been there for them, is now the man whose job they want to protect. 

The community will hold a "Bring Him Back" rally on Monday, March 31 at City Hall located at 601 Lakeside Ave. The rally will begin at 6:35 p.m.

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