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Pilot program to increase recycling

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A pilot program with a goal to encourage residents to recycle is underway in Metro Louisville.

Monday, Mayor Greg Fischerunveiled a switch to a wet-dry sorting system.

The current recycling rateis around 11 percent in the Central Business District and the mayor hopes thenew program will grow to more than seven times at about 85 percent.

The system should preventmost dry recyclable materials from being mixed with wet materials such as food,liquids or used paper towels.

Metro Council Member DavidTandy said, "In order to help make our environment better, each one of uscan do one little thing to help along that way, so certainly participating inthis wet-dry program goes a long way of doing that. So we'll start with ourbusinesses and encourage just everyday citizens to do their little part to helpus recycle as well."

The Wet-dry pilot programis part of Fischer's plan to increase recycling in Louisville by 25 percent bynext year and divert at least half of the city's solid waste away from thelandfill by 2025.

The program was created by Solid Waste Management Services Division of Louisville's Department ofPublic Works and QRS Recycling. The companies will also manage the program. 

For more information about the program, click here.

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